Reasons for air compressor lubricating oil to gel

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publish:2021-03-25 09:57:00  

      Air compressor lubricating oil is the "blood" flowing in the air compressor. The normal operation of the air compressor is inseparable from the role of lubricating oil. If the air compressor gels, it will seriously affect the high efficiency of the air compressor. Today, Taurus The editor will lead you to deeply analyze the reasons for air compressor lubricating oil gelation.



  1. Metal ions


 During the operation of the air compressor, the friction between the various components is likely to produce metal scraps. These metal scraps are equivalent to a catalyst, which can accelerate the chemical reaction of some hydrocarbon polymers in the lubricating oil. Moreover, these metal ions will also block the oil circuit system of the air compressor, causing the lubricating oil to gel.


  2. Oxidation


  The temperature of the lubricating oil in the air compressor is generally relatively high. Under the action of high temperature, the lubricating oil is prone to oxidation reaction. In the long run, it is easy to generate some polymer deposits, causing the lubricating oil to gel, and the higher the oxygen content, the lubricating oil. The more severe the oxidation reaction, the shorter the service life of the lubricating oil.




3. Moisture influence

The water vapor in the air enters the air compressor and contacts the lubricating oil, which will cause the lubricating oil to emulsify and form white flocs. The emulsified lubricating oil is more likely to undergo hydrolysis reaction and cause rust in the air compressor, and these iron filings will further cause the lubricating oil to form gel.

4. The influence of old oil

Air compressor lubricating oil must use matching lubricating oil, and two different lubricating oils cannot be mixed, because the lubricants made by different manufacturers use different additives, and there may be occurrences between two kinds of oils mixed with different additives. chemical reaction. And the old lubricating oil may also cause the new lubricating oil to deteriorate, resulting in gumming.


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