How to maintain your oil-free screw air compressor

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publish:2021-03-25 09:59:12  
  1.   Like all electromechanical equipment, oil-free screw air compressors require regular maintenance and minimize unplanned downtime. Improper maintenance can lead to problems such as reduced compression efficiency, air leaks, pressure changes, and more. All equipment in the compressed air system should be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.               

  2.   Routine Maintenance Oil-Free Screw Air Compressors Oil-free screw air compressors require relatively little routine maintenance. With this type of compressor, the microprocessor control panel monitors the status of the air and oil filters. Routine maintenance After routine start-up, observe various control panel displays and local meters to check whether normal readings are displayed. Use previous records to help determine if current measurements are within normal limits. These observations should be made under all expected operating modes (i.e. full load, no load, different line pressures and cooling water temperatures). After the first 50 hours of operation with an oil-free screw compressor - basic readings of operating conditions must be verified and necessary adjustments made.


    The oil-free screw air compressor should check the following items every 3000 hours-every 3000 hours:

    1. Check/replace lubricating oil filling and filter elements.

    2. Check/replace the air filter element.

    3. Check/replace the oil sump breather filter element.

    4. Check/clean the control line filter element.

    5. Check/clean the condensate drain valve.

    6. Check the state of the coupling elements and the tightness of the fasteners.

    7. Measure and record vibration signals on compressors, gearboxes and motors.

    8. It is generally recommended to rebuild the air intake every year.

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