2 cubic power frequency screw air compressor settled in Gushi Jinshan Mining factory
Case detail

      Gushi Jinshan Mining is a relatively mature enterprise, the technology is to build temporary roads, power supply system arrangement and so on. The main equipment is jaw crusher, conveyor belt, vibrating screen, dust removal equipment, excavator and other production environmental protection equipment. A set of 2 cubic power frequency screw air compressor JNG-20A was purchased from Jinniu Air Compressor Factory.



Customers through online learned that Taurus air compressor, various types of air compressor in the official website is the idea, in the understanding, the Taurus power frequency type is very interested in screw air compressor, through the telephone way consulting business, according to the displacement of the enterprise and the exhaust pressure to recommend displacement after 2 m/min, exhaust pressure 0.8 Mpa, power 15 kw, The weight is 320kg, the dimensions are 1080*820*1150mm, and the noise is as low as 63 decibels.


A set of 2 cubic power frequency type screw air compressor JNG-20A arrangement, the technical parameters and indicators are in line with the work needs of enterprises. The working environment temperature of 2 cubic power frequency screw air compressor can be adapted to 50°C, which can safely last summer. The optimal design of rotor profile of 2 cubic power frequency screw air compressor can improve the volumetric efficiency and achieve low energy consumption.



Kaifeng Jinniu Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of air compressors integrating research and development, production, sales and service. The company has gathered a group of professional and technical personnel with many years of work experience engaged in air compressor design, development, production and manufacturing, maintenance services. Its products include screw air compressor, the permanent magnet the variable-frequency air compressor, power frequency type air compressor, frequency conversion type air compressor, air compressor in the belt drive, one-piece compressor, two-stage compression air compressors, diesel portable air compressor, piston compressor, hydraulic mountain drill, etc., at the same time supporting the precision filter, freeze dryer, propane tanks.



  Thank you for choosing Jinniu 2 cubic power frequency screw air compressor. This machine can improve the work efficiency of enterprises. Your choice is to give us great recognition.



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