2 cubic power frequency screw air compressor is supported by Xu Chang Yanling Machinery Factory
Case detail

Xu Changyanling Machinery Factory has been engaged in the machinery industry since its establishment. Due to the business needs of the enterprise, we purchased a set of 2 cubic power-frequency screw air compressor JNG-20A from Jinniu Air Compressor Factory.


       The customer used a brand air compressor before, but now the failure rate is getting higher and higher, so he intends to buy a new set of air compressor. Through the Internet to learn about Taurus air compressor, among many brands, customers choose Taurus air compressor and a brand of air compressor for comparison, Taurus air compressor in the hearts of customers. A set of 2 cubic power frequency type screw air compressor JNG-20A no problem on Amway.

       Why do customers choose Taurus air compressor? In fact, there are many reasons, or appropriate cost performance, high quality air compressor, how can not be popular? How can we not be in the customer's eye? 2 cubic power frequency screw air compressor JNG-20A durable, lower fault, and our air compressor silent effect is very good.



2 cubic power frequency screw air compressor cooling flow field layout is reasonable, cold air from the lower side of the unit into the compressor, hot air is discharged from the top, cold and heat exchange is smooth. The main engine and motor of the 2 cubic power frequency screw air compressor are installed on the damping pad to reduce the vibration and noise caused by it. The inner side of the panel is laid with thickened foam to effectively isolate the noise.

       Customers are satisfied with Taurus 2 cubic power frequency screw air compressor, and said: "after the enterprise scale, the new production line, will continue to cooperate with Taurus air compressor!" Thank you for your trust and support of Taurus air compressor. We use 2 cubic power frequency screw air compressor to speak.

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