15KW power frequency direct type air compressor has been unanimously affirmed by Xinxiang Biotechnology factory
Case detail

  15KW power frequency direct connected air compressor has been deeply loved by customers, at the same time, is also a high head-turning model, today, Xinxiang biotechnology factory in Jinniu air compressor factory to purchase a set of 15KW power frequency direct connected air compressor JNG-20A.



     Customers contact us through the Internet, the enterprise before the old machine exhaust insufficient, frequent crash and other conditions, bring serious impact on enterprise production, resulting in very low work efficiency. Later, I heard people around me say that Taurus air compressor is good. The customer searched Taurus air compressor on the Internet and had a general understanding. 15KW power frequency direct type air compressor is arranged.

     In the understanding, the customer directly asked the advantages, internal configuration and price of 15KW power frequency direct type air compressor, all aspects have reached the standard in the heart of the customer, and did not hesitate to choose the 15KW power frequency direct type air compressor. According to the needs of different industries, combination configuration, optimization design, reasonable layout, for enterprises to increase output.




      The 15KW power-frequency direct-connected air compressor delivers quickly and arrives at the customer's site on time with the special logistics line. Arrange staff to visit customers regularly to ensure the normal operation of the machine and after-sales service. Taurus 15KW power frequency direct type air compressor from selection, installation, commissioning to after-sales maintenance of good service, selection guidance, commissioning operation training.

  Technical guidance for installation and commissioning of 15KW power-frequency direct-connected air compressor, formulation of technical quotation scheme, site investigation planning and design, daily maintenance and so on, so that you can save time and worry. Jinniu 15KW power frequency direct type air compressor perfect after-sales support, ensure lasting operation of production, free installation guidance, provide on-site debugging and operation training and so on.




    Taurus air compressor customer satisfaction is very good, the old customer order repurchase rate is high, in many industries to get the reputation of customers, brand creation, reputation, good quality, excellent service, the buyback rate is increasing year by year. Taurus Air compressor to provide solutions, let you buy a peace of mind!

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